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Energy Saving

Conserving Energy in our homes is essential to help reduce energy bills and protect the environment by cutting carbon dioxide emissions. The fact that our homes and buildings are responsible for almost half of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions means that improving energy efficiency in all dwellings is a top priority for the Government and homeowners alike.

Windows have a vital role to play in conserving energy in buildings, since 20% of the heat escaping from an average home is lost through its windows. Choosing the right combination of glazing and window frames is essential to improve the energy efficiency of your home, reduce your energy costs and, crucially, create a comfortable living environment for you and your family – all year round.

Our window frames feature an advanced multi-chambered cross-section which helps to prevent heat loss and enhance thermal efficiency. This means we can create windows that meet the highest energy efficiency ratings.

It’s important that your windows are both visually attractive and secure. But it’s also crucial that they save you money on your heating bills by being energy efficient.

Windows with SGG EcoClear+ double glazed units are the most technically superior glazing solutions available for your home today. Their thermally insulating glass technology means windows can achieve the highest possible Window Energy Ratings (WERs), as verified by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC).

By choosing windows with EcoClear+ you have peace of mind knowing that you are working to help safeguard the environment by reducing CO2 emissions and that you are keeping your energy bills down.

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